Protein Manufacturer

From Whey proteins to Casein and Milk Isolates, our ability to flavor, blend and package protein powders is our star. From 1lb to 10lb fills, we’ve done it all.

Blending Capabilities

SK Labs runs large scale munson, paddle and v-blenders to produce millions of pounds of powder each month. Our formulas are entirely customized to each customer and each batch size, ensuring the highest quality product.

Encapsulation Services

We have invested heavily into state of the art encapsulation machines. By incorporating the use of both automatic and semi-automatic, we can run small scale to large scale batches with the ability to produce millions of capsules per month.

Tablet Manufacturing

Our high-speed compression machines can produce a variety of sizes and shapes set to our customer’s custom formulation and specifications. Products include Multivitamins, minerals, chewable and amino acids tablets.