Whether you’re looking for a powder manufacturer or a capsule manufacturer; we’ve got you covered.

Sk Labs is a custom formulator and manufacturer of dietary supplements. We bring 30+ years of expertise in development and manufacturing of powders, capsules, and tablets, providing a turnkey solution for our clients. We operate in our own solar powered, cGMP audited, Organic certified facility with a commitment on producing the highest quality product while providing paramount customer service.

Research and Development

Our flavor experts have produced some of the best tasting supplements on the market today. From Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl, and Fruit Punch to Pineapple Strawberry, when it comes to working on product we do not quit until we get it 100% right. Put us to the test and find out what you are missing.


Sk Labs offers a custom blending service allowing us to create homogenous mixtures tailored to your needs. Our ability to scale from 50lb batches up to 5000lb batches gives you the flexibility to grow your product to success. Top it off with fully automatic encapsulation equipment and high-speed tablet compression machines, we are truly a one stop shop for dietary supplement manufacturing.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging service is the final step in creating an attractive product ready for the marketplace. Sk Labs operates fully automated packaging lines guaranteed to manufacture your company’s product consistently.

Integrity is not something we show off to our customers, it is simply a way we behave behind their backs.


One word would describe our corporation, our culture, and our belief system: Quality. With over 30 years in the manufacturing business, we strive on in-time manufacturing, competitive pricing, and providing quality products to companies worldwide. Our facility is regularly audited by third parties and the FDA, and we maintain multiple cGMP and Organic certifications.


We believe that we have a responsibility to not only our community, but our plant as a whole. It is integral to us, as a company, to operate our business in the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. Our core values are based upon the following four pillars:

-An absolute outright dedication for Quality Control

-Strict commitment to compliance with federal regulations

-Reducing our carbon footprint through solar power energy and preserving the enviroment

-Giving back to the community through charities, events, and philanthropy drives